Tony Wood, Former President and Vice-President of BirdLife Zimbabwe
20 Sep 2021

A Tribute to Tony Wood, Former President and Vice-President of BirdLife

It is with heavy hearts that we honour and say good-bye to Tony Wood, former BirdLife Zimbabwe President and Vice-President.
The Common Cuckoo prefers to let other birds do hard work © Vladimir Turkenich / Shutterstock
01 Sep 2021

Here’s how 7 iconic migratory bird species spent the spring & summer

Digging metre-long tunnels, luring away predators, stealing other bird’s nests… the breeding season is never dull for these seven bird species, which are now leaving Europe for the warmer climate of Africa.
Each token represents a living bird currently residing on Cousin Island Special Reserve © Adrian Scottow
19 Jul 2021

Seychelles songbird becomes world's first 'digital species

BirdLife Partner Nature Seychelles is looking for innovative ways to fund the protection of their wildlife, including the Seychelles Magpie-robin (Endangered). Today, the bird is up for sale as the first ever Digital Nature Collectible, using carbon-neutral infrastructure that expends almost zero energy.
Bees and other pollinators are increasingly threatened by human activities © Seydou Nacro
07 Jul 2021

Natural compost helps women farmers in Burkina Faso get better yields

Natural compost is a reliable alternative to chemical fertilizers in improving agricultural yields for women farmers in Burkina Faso, while promoting conservation of micro-organisms and insects, ensuring the survival of migratory birds and optimal pollination of crops.
Egyptian Vulture © Edwin Butter/Shutterstock
24 Jun 2021

Here’s how your support helped vultures in the past year

It has been nearly nine months since we launched our appeal to save Africa's vultures. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received, which is already making real change for these magnificent birds of prey. Here’s an update on what your donations have helped us to achieve so far.

Red List appeal: help us continue to identify which birds most need our help


Thunderbird, la star de notre histoire, est une tortue caouanne © Miquel Gomila
16 Jun 2021

La triste histoire de la tortue de mer dénommée, Thunderbird

Le voyage épique de 6 000 km, de l'Espagne au Sénégal, d'une tortue caouanne révèle certaines des principales menaces qui pèsent sur les tortues de mer. Six des sept tortues de mer sont classées comme vulnérables, en danger ou en danger critique d'extinction sur la liste rouge de l'UICN.
Thunderbird, the star of our story, is a loggerhead sea turtle © Miquel Gomila
15 Jun 2021

The sad tale of Thunderbird the Sea Turtle

An epic trip of 6,000 km, from Spain to Senegal, of a loggerhead turtle reveals some of the major threats to sea turtles. Six out of the seven sea turtles are classified as Vulnerable, Endangered or Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List.
15 Jun 2021

First release of African Penguins at De Hoop Nature Reserve in South Africa

The release of 30 juvenile African Penguins into the wild this week represents a big step forward to re-establish a penguin colony on the south coast of South Africa. BirdLife South Africa, CapeNature and SANCCOB have partnered together in this ambitious attempt to help this Endangered species.
Eurasian Spoonbills observed at the Ribeira de Vinha waste water treatment plant © Biosfera
14 Jun 2021

Cabo Verde waste water treatment plant is unexpected bird haven

Researchers in Cabo Verde have discovered that a waste water treatment plant is an important stopover site for migrating birds, reminding us that there is still so much left to learn about this African archipelago. Find out how the Biosfera team are working to conserve this artificial wetland.
Egyptian Tortoise in Libya - © Al Hayat Organization
08 Jun 2021

Libyan and Egyptian conservationists work across border to save Critically

Almost extinct in its namesake country, and with illegal smuggling of Egyptian Tortoise across the border from Libya – plus habitat destruction – threatening the species, it is taking the collaboration of both Libyan and Egyptian NGOs to research and protect this neglected species
© Shutterstock

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