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22 Jul 2021

Are you the next winner of the Quarry Life Award?

HeidelbergCement has just launched the 5th edition of the Quarry Life Award.

European bee eater (Merops apiaster)
European bee eater (Merops apiaster) ©Lars Soerink
By Marianna Colonna

This nature-based competition aims to raise awareness about biodiversity and nature conservation in quarries, rewarding quarry restoration projects that have a positive impact on biodiversity, wildlife, and the local community.

Do you have what it takes? Submit your project proposal by 18 November 2021

Who can apply? The new edition of the Quarry Life Award is open to students, researchers, NGOs, local communities, and nature lovers from all over the world. The juries are composed of experts from local universities, NGOs and HeidelbergCement specialists. They will select six project ideas per country to participate in the competition.


  • € 5000 for the winning teams in the research and community stream. 
  • € 10,000 for the best projects in each of the six categories.
  • € 30,000 for the best overall project.

From January to September 2022, HeidelbergCement will open its quarries for the selected projects. At the end of 2022, the winners will be awarded at national and international level.

 “With the competition, HeidelbergCement wants to contribute to the global restoration agenda and works towards a net positive in biodiversity. Our sites can provide valuable habitats for a variety of animal and plant species during and after extraction.”

Christoph Beumelburg, Group Spokesman, Director Group Communication & Investor Relations

Visit the Quarry Life Award website for more information.



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