Our Vision


Our Vision

The BirdLife Partnership wishes to see a world where nature and people live in greater harmony, more equitably and sustainably.  

Our Mission

The BirdLife Partnership strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.  

Our Commitment

  • To prevent extinction in the wild
  • To maintain and where possible improve the conservation status of all bird species
  • To conserve the sites and habitats important for birds and other biodiversity
  • To sustain the vital ecological systems that underpin human livelihoods, and enrich the quality of people's lives
  • In the process, BirdLife will empower people and contribute to the alleviation of poverty, and strive to ensure sustainability in the use of natural resources 

“The work of BirdLife allows whole areas to be protected and preserved—unique areas of the globe whose importance is key both for our survival and for our knowledge of the world. I am particularly pleased that my Foundation—whose commitment to biodiversity and protection of the planet—is a faithful partner of BirdLife International, and has signed a framework partnership allowing our efforts to be united and our approaches to be shared on several projects throughout the world.”
His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, Species Champion for Northern Bald Ibis


Our Global Conservation Strategy

Our strategy, developed bottom up by the BirdLife Partnership, directly supports the commitment of the world’s governments to take urgent and effective action to halt the loss of biodiversity.

Our strategy has four pillars that, taken together, are BirdLife’s approach to conservation. They are each underpinned by two to three objectives:


Save Species

Conserve Sites & Habitats

Ecological Sustainability

Positive Change for People

Prevent extinction

Keep common birds common

- Identify, conserve, restore and monitor 

- Promote resilient ecological networks

- Demonstrate and advocate nature’s values

- Promote policies that support sustainability

Catalyse support for nature

Promote local conservation action 

Strengthen the global BirdLife Partnership


How is BirdLife Effective?

There are four unique reasons why BirdLife International is set apart from other conservation organisations and is able to deliver global conservation.  
These characteristics are a major reason for our international recognition as an authority on biodiversity conservation. They contribute to the Partnership’s effectiveness and success in protecting the environment.

A Unique Partnership: “Local to Global” with Co-ordinated on-the-ground Action

BirdLife Partners represent the concerns of the people in their territory. This enhances the credibility and legitimacy of each Partner when working with the private and public sectors. The local nature of the Partners ensures the delivery of high impact, cost effective and sustainable conservation actions on the ground. While Partners act locally, they are also united by a shared BirdLife visionstrategies, and programmes that they have jointly developed as part of the Partnership.

“Through this ‘local to global’ structure and approach, BirdLife ensures that its international programmes are informed by on-the-ground experience and that local action is supported by international advocacy efforts. This not only results in high conservation impact but crucially also in long-term sustainability."
Dr Hazell Thompson, BirdLife International

The Partnership is coordinated by the BirdLife Global Partnership Office and this international coordination allows the Partnership to speak with one voice and influence international policies and agreements.



Scientific rigour, innovative methodologies, and the depth and breadth of our vast scientific databases all underpin our conservation action. BirdLife is recognised throughout the world as a leader in conservation and the acknowledged authority on the world’s birds and bird conservation. BirdLife International is solely responsible for compiling the world’s official Red List of bird species threatened with extinction.

BirdLife Partner volunteers, members, supporters, and staff are also involved in collecting accurate information about the condition of birds and their habitats, even in remote parts of the world, to feed into this scientific database. This information is consolidated, analysed, and interpreted by outstanding BirdLife scientists in a central office. When BirdLife volunteers, members, supporters, and staff are outside monitoring birds they are taking the pulse of the planet. Our work on birds tells us so much about the state, pressures and responses needed to conserve all nature.

Engaging Local Communities

The Partnership strongly believes that working with local communities and locally empowering people are the foundations

Low "cost-to-benefit" ratio and high global effectiveness

The BirdLife Partnership is able to deliver extremely effective conservation action at a very low cost because of our structure and approach. With millions of qualified and passionate volunteer members throughout the world, the Partnership has access to a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce. In addition, the Partnership’s co-ordinated efforts and sharing of best practices and experience contributes to this high effectiveness and efficiency.

“BirdLife International is a totally unique type of international NGO. It has a scientific approach in the collection and analysis of data, which is then used to work with governments, local authorities and companies to make conservation measures and projects more effective. The reputation of BirdLife as being not only reliable and effective, but also attentive to the needs of people, makes me proud to be its Honorary President.” Her Imperial Highness Princess Takamado, Honorary President, BirdLife International"

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